ProDoc Premier


ProDoc Premier is a tool for Project and Document Management designed and developed considering Project Management requirements of the Pharma Industry. With standard features like Site Creation, Defining project type and markets, Resource allocation to projects, Task assignment, Gantt chart, Issue management, Escalations and Notifications, Creating/Uploading folders and files, User access permissions, Document viewer, Audit trail, the solution is also customisable as per specific client's requests.


Saral, PHP, MySQL, PHPExcel, PHPMailer, TCPDF, Bootstrap, jQuery, dHTMLx Gantt Chart, DocConverter2, Subversion, Crontab, Amazon EC2, Linux, Apache HTTP Server


Lead, Web Developer


Analysed the existing Java application, reverse engineered Java source to re-write in PHP, Efforts estimate, Used PHPExcel for reading the uploaded XLS to create project and Download the project in XLS format, Used DocConverter2 to convert document to pdf, integrated/customized dHTMLx Gantt chart, Unit testing, Deployment